Please Pray for Union Gospel Mission Dallas

Our purpose is to minister to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the last, least, lost and lonely in the Dallas area, the homeless. Our goal is to restore the destitute men, women and children of our community to a productive life, by encouraging them in their Christian faith as well as teaching them needed life and job skills.

The Union Gospel Mission (UGM) is a faith-based homeless shelter providing food, beds and clothing to the homeless men, women and children in Dallas County. In 2014, we provided these services to 5,022 unduplicated men, women and children.

We ask God daily for the funds to operate this Mission in a way that utilizes resources efficiently. The gifts we receive are a blessing that enables us to be faithful in their use. Money donated to UGM is used to feed, clothe and house the homeless of Dallas, our primary goal, as well as to support the other facets of this ministry. Funds designated for a specific project or area of need will be used toward that purpose.